If you don't like information overload, Riversip is for you.

Riversip uses crowd wisdom to understand which news stories are more significant than others, and makes sure you see these stories first.

We offer news applications in various topics, all built with one goal in mind: Cut through the clutter and deliver you the most relevant news in a powerful & delightful way. Check out our apps, all free, offered both for iOS and Android.

The Media on Riversip

  TechCrunch : "Luckily, Israeli developer Briox has developed a data fusion technology that can surface the most relevant content from a firehose of sources ... Riversip picked out news ... that were indeed the biggest stories of the past week."

: "The Riversip team says that its mission is “to give a user the soothing feeling of ‘I know what’s going on’, without having to work at it.” That’s indeed something the app succeeds in."

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